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On the Issues

As a Member of Congress, April will be in a position to vote on many issues, including working to ensure the nation has a sound fiscal trajectory, reforming our broken criminal justice system, addressing the substance abuse crisis in our nation, expanding child care access, supporting rural communities, addressing violent crime, protecting animal rights and so many more.  Please reach out to the campaign with questions on these or and any other issues.


Working Toward Healthcare for All

April believes that healthcare coverage should be a right and not a privilege. Obamacare was a major step forward that she will defend vehemently, but our eventual goal should be universal healthcare – where every American has a right to healthcare.

Protecting and Restoring Reproductive Rights

April is an unwavering supporter of reproductive rights and women’s right to an abortion. She cannot believe her four daughters now have fewer rights than she had.

Addressing the Climate Crisis and Environmental Stewardship

April believes climate change poses an existential threat to our planet's future.  The climate crisis is a threat to national security, our economic prosperity, the world’s species and our environmental stability. 

Doing More to Stop Gun Violence

33,000 Americans die of gun violence every year – it is a national crisis and epidemic that is destroying communities every day.

Supporting teachers and students

Every child has the right to a quality education, no matter their circumstances.

Protecting our Democratic values

We are at a critical juncture in our democracy with our elections under attack by MAGA extremists.

Defending LGBTQIA+ rights

April stands with our LGBTQIA+ communities, particularly as their rights are coming under attack.

Building an Economy that Works for Everyone

April is committed to championing policies that uplift workers and support families in meeting their needs by promoting broad based economic growth that generates more opportunity and prosperity for everyone.

Supporting Servicemembers and Veterans

April believes there is no greater privilege than supporting and advocating for our Service Members, Veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors.


April supports the push by the Biden-Harris Administration to pass the bipartisan agreement announced in the Senate. 


Inflation is too high — most Americans are struggling to buy groceries, afford housing and pay their bills. 

Medicare and Social Security

April will protect Medicare and Social Security – two of the most successful domestic policy programs ever created that millions of Americans rely on every day.

Protecting our Kids in the Digital Era

We have a mental health crisis in America. We need to rein in Big Tech and improve online privacy.

Foreign Policy

April believes in the post WWII model of global economic engagement, diplomatic outreach, US leadership of important alliances like NATO, foreign aid and, of course, a strong military.

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