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Inflation is too high — most Americans are struggling to buy groceries, afford housing and pay their bills.  While the United States has long been regarded as the land of opportunity, a majority of American workers cannot afford a $500 emergency expense. Moreover, many of our sectors are still experiencing the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.  Collectively we need to address issues of inflation and focus on building out an economy that works for everyone.

One of the big challenges of the next generation is ensuring economic opportunity and access to resources is available for all Americans no matter what their zip code.   April will champion economic growth across every community in Maryland’s 6th District and build on the worker and community focused industrial policies of President Biden.  She will support middle class tax relief, including seeking to increase the Child Tax Credit for working families.  While important to be fiscally prudent for long term stability, our country must still make critical investments for our future and provide a safety net for those in need through investments in education, health care retirement and raising the minimum wage with an additional index for inflation.

She believes that we must build upon the Biden Administration’s recent achievements in the IRA and other bipartisan infrastructure and resource investments made over the last three years.   Other priorities will include a continued focus on lowering the cost of prescription drugs, limiting hidden credit card and junk fees, tackling student debt and the affordability of housing.

Here in Maryland, 44 percent of our younger renters are considering leaving Maryland due to housing costs, and 30 percent of voters between 18 and 34 are considering leaving the state for the same reason. We need significant public-private investment and thought leadership to address the shortage of affordable housing.  The Administration’s recent blueprint gives some guidance in that it recommends legislative action related to lowering the cost of a home with a mortgage relief credit, down payment assistance for first generation homebuyers, tax credits to build more housing, and lowering costs for renters through tax relief or direct grants.   This is an issue that is of critical importance in our district  – and across the country – and is one of April’s plans to tackle head on for Marylanders.

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