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Building an Economy that Works for Everyone

April is committed to championing policies that uplift workers and support families in meeting their needs by promoting broad based economic growth that generates more opportunity and prosperity for everyone.  In April’s view, we are judged not by how well the wealthy and the most fortunate do, but how well working families and the middle class does.  She is a strong supporter of the labor movement in the United States and is a pro-worker, pro-labor democrat.

April believes that we must be fiscally prudent for long-term stability while also making critical investments for our future and providing a safety net for those in-need through investments in education, healthcare, retirement and jobs. She believes that it is long past time to raise the minimum wage.

As a former entrepreneur, April supports domestic investment to drive small business growth and entrepreneurship as a cornerstone of our economic strength. Legislation like the CHIPS Act and the Bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill will drive the creation of high-value jobs in Maryland.   We must leverage technology to drive economic growth across the 6th District. In the Biden Commerce Department, April led the rollout of rural broadband grants, so she understands the importance of strategic investments to capitalize on our research and education assets.  As she travels across the District, she hears complaints about transportation and infrastructure, and she will work to expand public transit and widen I-270.  As a daughter of a farmer, she will support our family farms and ensure that the extraordinary natural beauty of the 6th is illuminated and protected,

One of the big challenges for the next generation is ensuring that economic opportunity is available to all Americans no matter your zip code.  April will champion economic growth across every community in Maryland 6th District and build on the worker and community focused industrial policy of President Biden.  April will not support tax giveaways for the wealthy and connected and will support middle class tax relief.

Overall, her economic agenda aims to strike a balance between fiscal discipline, social progress, global competitiveness, protecting safety net programs and investments in the next generation to create a stronger, more inclusive economy for all Americans.

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