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Working Toward Healthcare for All

April believes that healthcare coverage should be a right and not a privilege. Obamacare was a major step forward that she will defend vehemently, but our eventual goal should be universal healthcare – where every American has a right to healthcare.

Healthcare is still far too expensive in this country and quality varies significantly.   President Biden has been doing excellent work to lower costs by capping the costs of insulin and allowing the government to negotiate drug prices down. In Congress April will fight to build on the good work of President Biden and Obama; she will strive for universal access, lower costs and higher quality.   We must conceptualize healthcare as including mental health on parity with physical health.  We must continue to invest in critical NIH research to help develop cures for cancer, alzheimer/dementia, heart disease and other chronic and acute diseases that cause so much pain and suffering for too many Americans.  And we must ensure that the healthcare inequities that plague our system are eliminated and that we work to bend the cost curve on excess health care expenditures.

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