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Foreign Policy

April believes in the post WWII model of global economic engagement, diplomatic outreach, US leadership of important alliances like NATO, foreign aid and, of course, a strong military. She fundamentally believes this model has made the US more safe and secure, more prosperous, and has helped make the world safer and more prosperous. An evolving world with new challenges and new threats demands constant adjustments to our approach to both the world and our national security but certain things remain constant, including the need for strong US leadership, which includes the US continuing to serve as a model for the virtues of a free market, liberal democracy. Today’s threat includes Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the deadly terror attack on Israel by Hamas and the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Gaza and continued hostage tragedy, and China’s continued aggressive posture. April supports the bipartisan bill in the Senate that would send aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. April is an unwavering supporter of Israel’s right to defend itself and of the unbreakable bond between our nations.

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