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Addressing the Climate Crisis and Environmental Stewardship

April believes climate change poses an existential threat to our planet’s future.  The climate crisis is a threat to national security, our economic prosperity, the world’s species and our environmental stability.  The Inflation Reduction Act was transformative – it needs to be protected – but more needs to be done.  Congress should increase basic research in climate science, price carbon, create new incentives to drive technological/scaling investments in industries that need to be decarbonized and address regulatory gaps.  In Congress, April will both work for a low carbon future and be an unwavering champion for protecting our natural world, including by protecting the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Investment in fighting climate is a growth opportunity that Western Maryland should benefit from. April will champion expansion of renewable energy generation, investment in technologies driving decarbonization, building sustainable infrastructure, mobility and manufacturing systems and ensuring that our investments address marginalized communities that have been disproportionately impacted by climate change.  It is estimated that over $100 Trillion will be invested in the next 30-50 years decarbonizing the world. April will make sure Maryland 6th District – with its unique combination of urban/suburban/rural and tech/manufacturing/science/agriculture gets more than its fair share of that investment.

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